What Rules?

Think Differently About Success and Cultivate a Happy Life

Do you ever wonder why some paths seem off-limits, or why certain goals always feel just out of reach? Have you considered that culture’s invisible rules might be guiding your choices without your knowledge? What if the key to unlocking your true potential lies in challenging these hidden norms?

What Rules? by Rebecca Yeung is a journey into recognizing and overcoming these unseen barriers. This book is an awakening to the possibilities that await when you dare to question your limits and rewrite the traditional rules for success. 

With her unique insights into the challenges faced by women in corporate America, Rebecca illuminates the unseen barriers that subtly shape your path and help you think differently. 

You’ll discover: 

  • Why thinking differently is a skill that unleashes possibility.
  • The hidden constraints that don’t have to hold you back. 
  • Practical strategies to dismantle these common barriers.
  • Inspiring stories of resilience and success by those who think differently.

This book is a journey to rediscover your potential and redefine success on your terms. Break the rules, embrace change, and chart a path that’s authentically yours.


What Rules? is indeed a treasure trove for those seeking to forge their own authentic leadership signature, fostering an open and inquisitive mindset toward opportunities ahead, and savoring the journey rather than solely fixating on the ultimate destination.”

—Oli Qirko, President, Cambridge Consultants North America 

“Rebecca Yeung offers a powerful guide to breaking free from conventional constraints, embracing clarity, and living a purpose-driven life. Her teachings are a masterpiece, seamlessly blending meaningful advice with profound wisdom.”

—Anne Marie Leavitt McDonald, CEO, Amp Growth

What Rules? evokes, examines, and then dashes every relic of success formulas and provides alternative ways to think about, plan, and capture self-success.”

—Gloria R. Boyland, Fortune 50 Senior Executive, Board Director 

“A thought-provoking read for people at all stages of their lives, What Rules? includes so many nuggets of wisdom. Rebecca’s approach of continuously evaluating “rules” to live by and “rules” to ignore is a lesson for all, women and men.”

—Sev McMurtry, Corporate Vice President, FedEx

About Rebecca Yeung

Rebecca Yeung started her life journey in a small hut in rural China. From grappling with undiagnosed dyslexia to confronting limiting societal norms, Rebecca’s indomitable spirit, backed by her parents’ unwavering support, led her to rise above these challenges. Her academic achievements earned her a place at the prestigious Fudan University in China, and later at the University of Maryland, where she earned her MBA. A subsequent internship at FedEx opened the door to a twenty-plus-year career with the company, where she has learned virtually every nuance of the business. From her modest beginnings to her role as Corporate Vice President at FedEx Corporation, Rebecca’s innate capacity for thinking differently about how to get the most out of life is a stirring testament to her resilience, creativity, and success.